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Welcome to The Ivy School Read & Write-a-thon 2021!

To pay your Read and Write-a-thon pledge, visit our donation page.

The Read & Write-a-thon is the PTA's annual fundraiser in which we challenge students to a reading and writing marathon! Students gather pledges of support from friends and family and then track their time in a Reading and Writing Log. Students will enter each hour of non-school related reading and writing into their Logbook in their Google account at the end of each week. All the numbers will be tallied and each class will be able to see how many hours they’ve completed as a whole!

This fundraiser is the PTA's largest source of revenue for the year, and an essential source of funding which helps the Ivy School PTA provide campus improvements, staff support, and community building social events that take place throughout the year. For more information about what the PTA does, please visit the website at or come to one of our monthly meetings. All are welcome.

The Read & Write-a-Thon will run from February 15th to March 15th

Ivy students will log their hours spent reading and writing from Monday, February 15th until Monday, March 15th. For younger readers, this will include hours spent listening to other people read to them. It can include writing out lists, letters or notes. For older students, it can include reading graphic novels or drawing and writing graphic novels.

Because February is Black History Month, we suggest using potential extra reading time as an opportunity to explore books by Black authors and Black history. Please check with your student's teacher for recommendations or check out this resource.

During the first week of February, students ask potential sponsors for pledges, although pledges can be accepted until the end of the Read & Write-a-Thon.

During the third week of March, students contact sponsors to collect their pledge money. Pledge payments can be made online, as well as via cash or check. Sponsors may go to to donate online. Checks should be made out to The Ivy School PTA and sent to the school.

What are we asking each family to do?

  1. Talk with your student to set a personal reading and writing GOAL for the Read & Write-a-thon. Realistic but challenging goals are recommended.
  2. Help your student to ask friends and family to pledge their support either by calling them or sending them an email or a letter.
  3. Check in with your student to track the number of minutes and hours they devote to reading and writing. Any reading outside of school counts toward Read and Write-a-thon hours!
  4. When the Read & Write-a-thon concludes, collect pledged money or have sponsors contribute online at Please mail Pledge Envelopes to the school: The Ivy School, 5420 N. Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR 97217.

Read & Write-a-thon Celebration

Classes set goals for how many hours they think they will read and write. Classrooms who reach their goal will choose five library books for the Ivy Library! The class with the most hours accomplished during R&W-a-thon 2021 will get to choose 30 books for our library!

The end of the Read and Write-a-thon will include a day for students to dress up as their favorite character from a book.

What kinds of reading and writing qualify?

Reading materials can be books, newspaper articles, graphic novels, stories in magazines, cookbooks or blogs. For beginning readers, the hours spent listening to someone read may be counted toward their reading hours.

Students who are just learning to write are encouraged to write lists, postcards to family members or friends, or vocabulary words. More experienced writers are encouraged to write stories, reports, letters or plans.

Remember that all reading or writing that happens after school or on weekends counts toward your student's hours! Let's try to reach the goal of Ivy Students reading and writing for 10,000 hours this year.

Short on Sponsors?

Having sponsors is not a requirement to participate in the Read and Write-a-thon! This fundraiser is for fun, too! However, the PTA has gathered a list of community members who would like to sponsor students who don't otherwise have access to sponsors. Please contact for a list of up to four people who have already agreed to fund any student who requests sponsorship.

For More Information

Please talk with other parents or PTA members about how Read & Write-a-thon has worked in the past or visit the Ivy PTA website. You can write to us directly at or reach out to us on Bloomz.

Thank you Ivy Students and Families! We look forward to another fun Read & Write-a-thon!