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2019-20 Chinook Book Fundraiser

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Chinook Book sales are closed for the school year. Thanks for your participation. The following details the specifics of the fundraiser, and is still available for reference only.

There are three ways to purchase, all of which benefit the Ivy PTA.

What's the bottom line? What do you want us to do?

In a nutshell, we'd like you to solicit your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues and / or purchase as gifts for birthdays or holidays. Our goal is for each Ivy family to sell at least three combo packs or apps.

What is the Chinook Book?

It's a huge collection of Portland and Oregon savings deals and coupons for local and regional business, organizations and services, like pet shops, groceries, museums, restaurants, bike shops, coffee shops, yoga studios, toy stores, book stores, and more. The Chinook Book is available in two forms: the app only ($15), or the book and app ($25), referred to as a "combo pack." In either form, after only few user, it pays for itself in savings.

The Chinook Book is a Certified B Corporation and gives The Ivy School 50% of the proceeds from our total sales! For more information, go to Last year we sold more than 192 books and raised $2,000 for the Ivy PTA! Can we do more? We'd like to!

How does the Ivy PTA spend money?

The PTA makes purchases big and small to benefit students, teachers, and staff. Before the start of the last school year the PTA voted to purchase air cleaners for each classroom. That's not all. Some other examples include supplying coffee, tea and snacks for teacher break rooms, lunch for teachers and staff at their all-staff meeting, extra supply funds for teachers, and extra snacks for students. We also replenish playground bark chips, plants, garden supplies and play yard equipment. Money also goes to run social events like movie nights, the Monster Bowl (bowling in costume around Halloween), and education workshops for Ivy staff, for example.

What should I say to people? I'm not a salesperson...

Here's an example script for chatting with neighbors:

[NAME OF CHILD(REN)] attend(s) The Ivy School, a free and public charter Montessori school in North Portland. We're selling Chinook Books to raise money to support our school. The books are available as an app for iPhone / Android for $15, or as a book with app access ($25). The Chinook Book is a Certified B Corporation and gives 50% of the proceeds back to our school. Can you please help us reach our fundraising goals? Thank you very much for considering!

Our goal of three Chinook Books per family typically can be achieved by approaching friends and family. For those who don't want to participate at all, please consider making a direct donation to the PTA in lieu of selling.

Become a mobile promoter

Becoming a mobile promoter allows you to sell Chinook Book apps by sharing your own personal promotion link. The in-app steps to set this up are straightforward, and you are rewarded for each sale you make.

To become a mobile promoter, visit the following link on your iPhone or Android phone: You will be prompted to install the Chinook Book app and create an account (if you don't have one). Once installed and logged in, open "My Promotions" in the "More" menu. Follow the steps to become a promoter.

After you have your promoter link, share it with whomever you please. Keep in mind that Chinook Book is available in other areas than Portland (namely: Seattle / Puget Sound, Denver / Boulder, the San Francisco Bay Area, Minneapolis / St. Paul), so if you have friends or family in those areas, they might be delighted to support Ivy as well.

Online purchase

Credit card payments are accepted online. We ask that you consider covering the credit card processing fees (roughly 3%) when making your purchase, but it is by no means a requirement.

Who can answer my questions about this fundraiser?

Please email for more information.